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A web application framework (WAF), also known as a web framework (WF), supports the development of web applications, which includes web application programming interfaces (APIs), web resources, and web services. Web application frameworks standardize the approaches developers use to build and implement web applications, largely by automating everyday tasks. For example, they often include libraries of routines that perform tasks like database access, session management, and creating framework templates. This routine helps promote the reuse of code, which reduces development time.

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Startups have to be agile and able to handle a multitude of tasks, usually simultaneously. Outsourcing some of these tasks can free up time, allow a startup team to work more efficiently, and help you save money, provided you choose the right components to outsource. Since the savings of time and money can be considerable, outsourcing large projects like software development makes sense for many brands.

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Technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives, especially in areas such as shopping, customer service, and social interaction. Anyone building a business today should be looking for ways to innovate their online marketplace, whether it’s simply streamlining existing processes or actually disrupting them. However, innovation is particularly challenging when software development isn’t one of a business’s core competencies.

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