Software technology trends for 2020 1024x614

The new year is here and the rush to be faster, better and more connected is on. Brands are focusing more than ever before on connecting with end users, incorporating machine learning tp better assess collected data and even the rise of 5G connectivity to speed information to users more swiftly than ever before. Expect to see growth in all sectors and across all industries as brands work to use technology to become more efficient and productive — and more profitable than ever before.

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Advantages of software development outsourcing 1024x614

Throughout a wide range of industries, outsourcing software development to a dedicated software development company has become a growing trend. But why exactly? What are the advantages of software development outsourcing? Full disclosure: Yes, this is a service we offer at Baytech Consulting, so yes, we’re in support of it. But we’ve also been at this for a while now, and we have a pretty good handle on why outsourcing software development works so well.

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