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Artificial intelligence is beginning to change and improve software development. Over the next decade, we expect this trend to continue as machine learning improves the capabilities of AI-powered systems that help with software development. Read today’s blog post to understand how artificial intelligence is already affecting software development and get a glimpse where things are heading.

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No matter the business that one may be in, mobile apps are becoming an increasingly important part of capturing and maintaining market share. With so many companies seeking to develop mobile apps, a hot topic over the last few years has been whether it is best to go with a native app, a browser-based web app or a hybrid that uses features of both.

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Growth of major programming language 2019 1024x614

Python is an ever-increasingly popular programming language, and that trend continues in 2019 and beyond. Just how popular is Python? According to Github’s Octoverse research project, it’s trending high by all sorts of metrics. Measuring by repositories created, Python is #3 and is on a meteoric climb, behind only Java and Javascript.

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