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For those unaware, the VMWare tax is essentially the change in VMWare licensing a few years ago. While there was a public outcry about the charges, which did result in the policy changing, some costs remain due to VMWare’s superior market position. Thanks to new software developments and innovative products, like Harvester, you can avoid the VMWare tax altogether. If you’re one of the many customers unhappy about using only 75% of the VMWare capabilities but still having to pay for 100% of them, then you can thank new technology for the newfound solution.

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It’s no secret that technology changes quickly. In fact, every 18 months, computer processing speeds double, which is evidence in itself of the everchanging and upcoming tech trends. We could ramble on about NEW software trends that will take the world by storm in 2021, but we believe there are so many out there, that writing about them would not do them justice.

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Artificial Intelligence Running the World

As the internet becomes more complex, so do the users' needs. They expect quick, always-on on and easy-to-use web platforms. For businesses that use their website to educate and attract new customers, there are generally multiple pages, functions, and user experience features that must be factored in when a web platform is created.

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