Harvester Hero2

HCI is an increasingly important feature of IT infrastructure because it allows administrators to manage many systems as a single, shared resource. However, traditional solutions like VMWare can be very expensive, even for enterprise software. Our post on Harvester discusses how this open source solution has the power to disrupt the HCI space through its lower cost and other benefits. It also covers Harvester’s ease of implementation.

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Backlog management hero 1

A software development backlog describes the product’s future, but it often becomes overloaded. This tendency can delay a product’s time to market and reduce its quality. Restoration of the backlog can be a key requirement for getting a project back on track and fostering the innovation that’s so important for successful software development. This post explains the importance of the backlog and how it affects software development. It also discusses how to prevent the backlog from becoming overloaded, which is essential for maintaining a productive development environment.

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Software Architecture Hero 1

Building the right architecture for your software application is challenging. How do you make a resilient infrastructure while keeping it secure and sustainable? How do you get visibility through a cloud deployment? At its core, software architecture is the unifying framework of a piece of software. It details how the logical and physical components of a system interact. In other words, software architecture is the blueprint for designing and developing a software solution. Learn what software architecture should look like in 2021.

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