We get to know you,
your company and your people.


We ask questions to better grasp your strategies and objectives,
learn exactly what it is you want to accomplish..

Who we are

Bay Tech is the leading software developer in Southern California. While the quality (which we have in spades) in software/system development can be as different as night and day, the one distinguishing factor that Bay Tech brings to the table is our ability to 'talk your language'.

We get to know you, your company and your people. We take the time to research your competition and understand your target audience. We ask questions to better grasp your strategies and objectives, and we learn exactly what it is you want to accomplish.

Business Analysis

Whether you're a small, medium or large firm, senior management is most concerned about one thing and one thing only โ€“ successfully and profitably operating their business. Everything else is secondary including technology as critical as it may be. After all, the incorporation of technology is only a 'means to an end'. At Bay Tech Consulting we are acutely aware of what goes into running a business. We realize that without an in-depth understanding of corporate goals, objectives and strategies - providing software solutions are clearly impossible.

Software Development

The inclusion of technology in the running of any business has essentially replaced the definition of 'back room operations'. Software development and implementation has now become the 'workhorse โ€˜of almost every business in existence โ€“ from the corner 'mom & pop' to the multi-faceted international operation. Bay Tech Consulting has been instrumental in the development and implementation of software solutions from the simplest to the most complex in diverse industries for over 10 years.

Quality Assurance

With businesses and corporations constantly trying to do 'more with less' (a trend that now appears to be permanent), quality assurance has become something of a dichotomy. Bay Tech Consulting has always and will always put quality before revenues. In an industry that relies almost exclusively upon referrals, you are only as good as clients say you are.

Long-Term Development

In any business, there are peaks and valleys when it comes to the necessity for software development. By establishing a real partnership at the very outset of a relationship, Bay Tech Consulting ensures a mutually beneficial association. One in which reliable, talented, and knowledgeable people are available to respond to your needs regardless of the issues or concerns a client may have.