Senior Developer Hero2

Our latest discusses the role of a senior software developer. It covers a variety of industries and development environments in which software engineers design, build, maintain and test software. It also discusses the differences between junior and senior developers in great detail, including changes in focus, skills and responsibility. The increased requirement for soft skills is particularly noticeable as a software developer’s responsibility over projects rather than specific tasks. The compensation and overall employment outlook is also highly dependent upon a developer’s experience and skillsets.

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Enterprise Software Hero

There are many applications available on the market and one or more may be ideal for your business. However, no single out-of-the-box solution will meet every possible scenario or offer the flexibility necessary to maintain a competitive edge and scale according to internal goals. For many large organizations, building a custom solution is the perfect solution. In our latest post, we dive into the latest trends in enterprise software, what to look for in your solutions, and how automation can help streamline your workflow.

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