Technical debt and how it impacts your roi 1024x614

As with any type of debt, technical debt happens when you borrow from the future for today. You select a solution that will be fast and easy to develop — a solution that will get you past your major hurdles. But you know that the solution won’t be as elegant or well-optimized as it could be, and you know that it will make development more complicated later on.

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The role of a project manager in software development 1024x614

The project manager role has taken on a greater amount of prominence in the past decade. This is true across numerous industries, including the software development industry. Still, there is plenty of confusion about what a project manager does, as well as about what project management is—and isn’t.

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Man at desk contiplating the projects failure 1024x614

On average, three out of ten IT projects fail among companies that aren’t in the top 25% of technology producers (1). Of those projects that succeed, more than half of them eventually cost almost 200% of their original estimates (2). The IT sector is booming and IT projects are plentiful, yet as many as a third of these projects are put to rest before they are ever completed.

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