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The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to gather large amounts of data at the edge of a network. However, organizations must also bring the processing of that data closer to a network’s edge to take full advantage of it. Edge computing is a new approach to computing that helps organizations exceed the limitations of a strictly cloud-based network. Cloud computing will continue to play a vital role in network architecture, but organizations must change the way they use their IT infrastructure if they’re to remain competitive.

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The way software is developed has changed significantly. The rise of DevOps as a guiding paradigm for software development has meant more applications are generated faster and better. In 2020, DevOps is poised to become far more the norm than the exception, driven by better investments in teams, cloud computing and organizational structures.

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If you want to deploy cloud-native applications, then Kubernetes is a powerful system that you can’t ignore. Since Google open-sourced Kubernetes in 2014, its usage has grown rapidly. According to Redmonk, 54% of Fortune 100 companies use Kubernetes. There are many reasons why Kubernetes is the go-to system right now. What is that? Should you use it? What benefits does it give you?

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