Costera Waste & Environmental Inc

Costera Waste & Environmental Inc

How Costera’s new Environmental & Waste Services Platform Helped Them Take the Lead in a Competitive Industry and Control their Data.

Custom enterprise-grade web application incorporating patterns and practices like domain driven design and OAuth2.

  • Angular, Typescript, Bootstrap
  • C#, .Net Core
  • PostgreSQL, EF Core
  • Identity Server, Multi-Tennant ready
  • Docker on Linux, Rancher, Kubernetes
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Costera Waste & Environmental provides waste transportation, disposal, and environmental field services. The founders have over 20 years’ combined experience and have established a name for themselves on the West Coast. They consult as well as coordinate, manage, and contract the vendors who fulfill services for environmental projects.


The founders recently started the company and knew they would not be able to grow without a platform to help manage the operations of their unique industry. There was only one software option in the market, but it was incredibly cost prohibitive, did not perfectly follow their own business process, and they would not control their data.


To scale, they needed our own software solution to optimize our workflow and manage quotes, projects, and invoices. They also needed a way to quickly print government hazardous waste forms and pay their vendors.


Baytech jumped right in and handled every step of development. One of the owners worked directly with Costera’s founders to identity their needs, truly understand their business, and determine the best solution.

The development team then built the web application using an iterative process by continuing to work with the founders to gather requirements, writing the software in regular intervals, and scheduling frequent demos to provide a feedback loop.

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The platform surpassed the original scope including client, estimate, job, invoice, and reconciliation management as well as vendor and accounts payable management. It automatically prints out government forms requirement for material transport and intelligently matches potential vendors to jobs based on the type of services performed and location.


In a short period of time, Costera has successfully created thousands of quotes, jobs, and invoices. The system runs smoothly and has already allowed them to scale significantly, becoming a premier service provider. With a strong foothold in the West Coast already, they are now well positioned with the platform to expand nationally.

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