15 Tips for Choosing a Custom Software Development Company

June 18, 2019 / Bryan Reynolds

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Software is making its way into almost every area of our lives. All around the world, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on software-based systems because they improve business process efficiency.

If you’re considering revamping your existing software system or adopting a brand new one, there are many factors you need to keep in mind.

Choosing the right custom software development company to create your system is extremely important. The right software development company will ensure you receive highly functional, user-friendly business solutions, allowing you to meet your business goals with ease.

While choosing the cheapest development team may be tempting at first glance, you don’t want to cut corners with software. You may end up losing money on an underperforming system, requiring you to start the entire process over again.

Thus, choosing the right software development company to develop your business software is crucial in determining your business’s success. We are here to teach you some of the best tips that will enable you to determine the right custom software development company for your business:

1. Define What You Want

Deciding what to build is the hardest part of the development process. Until you know your business’ software needs and what features you want included in your solution, you won’t be able to ask potential teams the right questions.

When trying to find a potential custom software development company for your business, compare each company’s capabilities and skill sets. Make sure the one you choose has the engineering process you require for your solution.

2. Do Your Research

You must do your homework before choosing a company. Try getting referrals from other people in your network.

Referrals help you acquire honest feedback about custom software development companies, their quality of work, their developer teams, and the full range of cutting-edge technologies they use.

Apart from that, check out their reviews from websites like Clutch. Doing this gives you an excellent overview of the company’s reputation and the results they produce.

3. Look at Past Projects

Go through the company’s portfolio to see their past projects. See what technologies they use. Explore which niches they have experience with.

Most companies have expertise in website development, desktop, and mobile solutions. Determine what your business needs, and choose the company accordingly.

4. Consider the User Experience

User experience is very important. The development and integration of the enterprise software takes time, and if it requires you to extensively train your staff, then it will take even longer. Thus, choose a software development company that prioritizes its user experience!

5. Determine The Business’ Competency

While it is essential that the company you choose has a skilled software engineering team, it is also vital to evaluate their business competencies.

A high-quality software consists of not only neat snippets of code, but also of business-driven features that ensure the alignment of the software with your business goals.

6. Ensure They Do Software Testing

The software testing phase is crucial to determining if the company has developed what you needed. Therefore, choose a software development company that takes software testing seriously, and also involves you and your team in the verification and validation of your software.

7. Consider Software Evolution

Our fast-paced markets and the dynamic journey of the businesses require an ever-changing software solution. Choose a company that focuses on software evolution to maintain the usefulness of your software over time.

Over time, you will require changes to support your business growth, and your software development company should cater to your fluctuating business needs. If you are going to invest heavily on your enterprise solution, then ensure you are also signing up for software evolution.

8. Prioritize Quality

The top software development companies always prioritize the quality of their projects. The enterprise software they produce is not only high-quality, but also highly maintainable, secure, reliable, robust, and user-friendly.

9. Ask About Rate of Development

The company you choose should prioritize showing its progress weekly or monthly in the form of demos. Regular reporting like this would also motivate you to provide them with new requirements, information, and specifications consistently.

10. Consider Location and Communication

You might not want to dedicate your project to offshore companies because it can create unnecessary barriers to language and coordination. Choosing a local software development team can result in a stronger business relationship with top notch communication.

Go for a company that provides you with the right consultation and advice for your enterprise software, which would only be possible with onshore companies.

11. Inquire About Methodologies

Ask about the software development approach they use. If your business environment is fast-paced and fluctuating, then a plan-driven approach would prove to be detrimental.

Choosing the company that works on an agile model for enterprise software development saves you from many problems that may arise from other software development methodologies. The agile approach involves iterative development of enterprise software, which ensures maximum inclusion of the customer and provides results regularly.

12. Go Through Their Social Media

Social media is a great source to validate any company. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn provide you an overview of the company’s reputation, performance, and legibility. Always go through the small details of the company embedded in their social media pages.

13. Note Involvement in the Developer Community

The developers of a competent, reputable company are often found highly engaged in developer communities. The CTOs and senior software engineers of good companies are prominent members of local developer circles.

Going into this much detail would give you a clear perspective of the technical expertise of the company.

14. Ask About Their Project Management

The companies with successful project management are those who meet the triple constraint of software projects. The triple constraint is a theory to achieve three goals: time, cost, and scope of the project.

The top software development companies also adopt the project management framework for the successful development of your enterprise software. It ensures that your time and money is utilized correctly and leads to enterprise success.

15. Learn About Their Confidentiality and Security Policy

The company you want to opt for should keep your data confidential and preserve its integrity and authenticity. The software the company produces for you should also ensure security and confidentiality and prevent your organization from any cyber-attacks.

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