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The Key Steps to
Enterprise Software and App Development

Getting to the right result with any enterprise software development project means starting off on the right foot. That requires making sure you’re accounting for all the possible variables and making smart, timely decisions as you work with your enterprise software company and iterate towards a final solution. We’ve outlined the big ones here:



First and foremost, seek out a software development company that demonstrates loud and clear that they’re hearing you. Make sure they genuinely listen and ask the right questions before even beginning to express their recommendations. They can only deliver what you need if they’ve truly soaked up all your priorities and concerns first. You want someone you truly feel has collaboration in their DNA.



The clearer you can express your company’s overall goals, the better your partner can efficiently solve for it. The more info the better, because if crucial functionality is left out up front yet mentioned later, the backtracking it requires for the software developers will cost time and money.



Think hard about what key stakeholders you want involved in the process. Who will be responsible for outlining all the required outcomes and be accountable to weigh in effectively at each stage? Who can you count on to ask the right questions? Who will give timely and clear feedback to your chosen enterprise software developer?



This is where many enterprise software and app development projects become doomed. If you want to reach the moon, but only have a few weeks, you might not get there. Large endeavors require realistic timelines, and even the best enterprise app development company can’t work miracles overnight.



One way to ease the stress of your delivery timelines is to break the project out into phases. Maybe you don’t need all your functionality implemented at once. Allowing your enterprise app development company to deliver X now, Y later and Z after that can alleviate pressure for all.

A smarter approach to budgeting

Many factors affect the cost of enterprise web application development projects, but a truly collaborative partner works diligently to outline all the variables at the onset of the project so everyone’s on the same page. The full costs of the project are more than just overseeing the development of the software but also implementing it within your company, as well as:


    The bigger and more advanced the application, the more personnel and development time that enterprise application development will inevitably require.


    Are you building custom enterprise software to serve the needs of 10 users or 10 million? Does your data need to be available and responsive across the globe? Every business has different scalability requirements that need to be identified and scoped for.


    The time developers spend writing code for each user interaction screen greatly influences costs. If a social app needs 4-5 screens, but a business platform requires 20-30, it all has to be factored into the budget and timeline.


    After we reach MVP (minimum viable product), future development will likely be required to keep up changes in business processes, regulations and new features.


    Building an enterprise software solution is of course only part of the job. Housing it is another. The modern solution is to host it in the cloud. While these costs vary, it’s usually to your financial advantage, but we can provide cost analysis comparisons for different solutions.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Building a robust and effective enterprise software solution is complicated. It’s important for both you and your partner to take every precaution conceivable to avoid an unsatisfactory result. Being on the same page about expectations, timelines and logistics with your partner is 90% of the battle. In order to reach your expectations, we work with our clients to make sure they have the right support team on their end to ensure long-term viability. The main watch-outs are:



Your partner needs to know your goals, desired customers, estimated budget and your approval process up-front to stay on track and avoid surprises.



To provide the best enterprise software development services, if your partner feels these are unrealistically tight, they will ideally recommend a different timeline to avoid a disappointing final product.



By choosing a company that believes in an iterative development process, you’ll get to see multiple iterations of the software as you go, allowing check-ins throughout so there are no surprises. Regular deliverables and demos ensure a healthy awareness of development progress and a consistent feedback loop, so you can course-correct earlier in the process.



Building software involves constant back & forth. With smooth, efficient, no-delay feedback from our clients, we can reach our goals on time and on budget, but your commitment to eliminating lag-time is essential.

Updating older technology

In today’s business environment, system upgrades to your enterprise software design are completely expected–and indeed inevitable. Common reasons for upgrading are:

1) The escalating costs of maintaining and making changes to existing technology represent a diminishing return.

2) Changing regulations from government (or other) force you to adapt.

3) An older system isn't performing well or just looks outdated. But a truly seasoned enterprise app developer has seen them all and will be able to propose a solution.



You have invested a lot of money into your system and it meets your needs. No reason to upgrade just because something is new and shiny. Even if performance is starting to slow down, you can purchase newer hardware, archive data sooner, or rewrite a portion of the code and break it out into its own microservice on newer technology.


If the software system you built is of strategic importance to your company, this will inevitably happen. Be sure you are doing it for the right business reasons. Any of the following reasons are good as long as it meets a business objective and the cost of updating or adding to the existing software is cost prohibitive.

If the new technology will:

  • Increase productiving
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Improve communication
  • Improve ease of maintenance
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve performance and scalability
  • Improve security

The Baytech difference

By avoiding using offshore resources, we get the job done right the first time, so costly rewrites aren’t necessary.  We are an agile mid-sized enterprise app and software company staffed with highly trained and very effective engineers.  This allows us to efficiently manage our operational costs and provide premium services at competitive rates.

A legacy of success

Originally founded in 2007, Baytech has provided enterprise application development solutions for Fortune 500 companies in a wide range of industries, completing more than 100 separate projects.

With a team of more than 15 highly skilled software architects on site, we never rely on offshore developers for our enterprise software design. Our founders Bryan and Jeff have tackled nearly every challenge imaginable in the industry and have the experience to guide you to the efficient, effective and successful solution you’re looking for from an enterprise software development company.


A smarter collaboration process

After nearly 15 years of successful projects in enterprise software application development, we’ve learned that the best results begin with us all being on the same page at the start. So we go out of our way to get to know your goals, end-users, logistics, variable and timelines as deeply as possible before we begin. The more we know up front, the less backtracking later.  Our 5-step action plan:



The first phase is the meeting of the minds. Here’s where we get to know your vision, measure it against our skills and background, and truly do our homework as we go about providing custom application development. And our founders oversee every project for quality control.



Every project starts with an upfront agreement on cost and timing. We will offer a custom software solution that is worth the investment, providing specific details about what you can hold us accountable for at each phase.



The core of our expertise as a custom software development company resides here. Our 100% in-house team gets to work, using the right tools and strategies to make your project a success. And our online project management portal makes sure you know where we are in the process.



Here’s where our architects and developers bring your vision to reality. We loop in your team, give them the reigns, get real-time feedback and adjust, making sure you get the most from your new custom applications.



We’ll be there as you take your solution out into the world. Now both you and your customers can reap the benefits of custom-designed software. And as your company grows, we can help you make the necessary micro-tweaks to keep things running at peak efficiency.

Recent case studies

A quick overview of some of our custom software solutions for recent clients:

Broad industry experience

We’ve completed enterprise software development services for the following industries:














Software & High-Tech


Start ups



Satisfied clients

Ultimately, as an enterprise software development company, we only succeed if you do. Throughout our long history of providing enterprise software development services, we’ve learned that the only acceptable goal is clients who feel like they couldn’t have possibly gotten a better result.

We’re as obsessive about our services as you are about your company’s mission. And since most of our future business comes from satisfied customers, your satisfaction is our number one priority. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

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