Commercial Real Estate Broker Platform

Realsource’s Data was being kept in many different databases, spreadsheets, and as PDF reports. Because of this, there was no way to visualize the data, and prospecting a site required many different data providers to request information such as demographics and drive time studies. Due to the amount of manual effort to prospect a site, RealSource was not able to scale.

Baytech built a map-based platform which visualizes the data. This allowed all the data to be centralized into a single database.

It starts by showing the metro areas on the map, allowing users to drill down into each metro area and then again into each site within the area.

The geography for demographic and drive time radius for a site were displayed. Demographic heat maps can be configured on or off. APIs were built to automatically pull requests from external data providers versus having to manually log into their portals.

With this new platform, RealSource was able to scale from a regional broker to the primary broker for all of North America.