Mortgage and Consumer Lending CRM Platform

Other CRMs do not force the loan agents to use the system correctly. Agents were not dispositioning their leads quickly or accurately. The stale leads were accumulating in agents pipelines and were wasted.

The marketing team could not determine which lead sources were actually performing well because they could not trust the data. There was a large discrepancy between the top and bottom performers despite receiving the same volume of leads.

Baytech built a full-featured custom CRM platform. We created a configurable lead restriction system which forces agent behavior by blocking them from receiving new leads if they are not doing their job properly like dispositioning leads in a timely manner.

This solution also created an open lead pool that allowed other agents to pull leads from agents that were not working with them in a timely matter.

Through this process, we created an intelligent skill-based routing system that delivered more leads to the top performers.