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Posts by Bryan Reynolds

What is Edge Computing?

Circle with Edge Computing Surrounded by Service and Infrastructure

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to gather large amounts of data at the edge of a network. However, organizations must also bring the processing of that data closer to a network’s edge to take full advantage of it. Edge computing is a new approach to computing that helps organizations exceed the limitations…

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Artificial Intelligence Opportunities and Challenges in Business

Artificial Intelligence and Man pulling at time

Artificial intelligence continues to change the way businesses operate, and this gradual transformation is full of many opportunities as well as many challenges. As with any new technology, there is risk involved, both in being too far out on the bleeding edge and in being the last holdout among competitors to adopt a superior innovation.…

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5 AI Powered Workflow Enhancements Small Businesses Can Use Today

AI Powered Workflow Enhancements Small Businesses

In our last few posts, we’ve been exploring how artificial intelligence is changing business today. Today’s post isn’t the best place to start on the topic, so let’s recap where we’ve been. We started with an overview of the ways artificial intelligence can help today’s businesses. We looked next at the opportunities and challenges that…

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11 Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing

Advantages of Software Development Outsourcing

Throughout a wide range of industries, outsourcing software development to a dedicated software development company has become a growing trend. But why exactly? What are the advantages of software development outsourcing? Full disclosure: Yes, this is a service we offer at Baytech Consulting, so yes, we’re in support of it. But we’ve also been at this…

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Technical Debt and How It Impacts Your ROI

Person placing money down, potentially losing it because there are wholes in the ground.

As with any type of debt, technical debt happens when you borrow from the future for today. You select a solution that will be fast and easy to develop — a solution that will get you past your major hurdles. But you know that the solution won’t be as elegant or well-optimized as it could…

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State of DevOps

State of DevOps Figure Eight In Neon

The way software is developed has changed significantly. The rise of DevOps as a guiding paradigm for software development has meant more applications are generated faster and better. In 2020, DevOps is poised to become far more the norm than the exception, driven by better investments in teams, cloud computing and organizational structures. According to a recently…

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The Role of a Project Manager in a Software Development

Project Manager Pointing to Transparent Image

The project manager role has taken on a greater amount of prominence in the past decade. This is true across numerous industries, including the software development industry. Still, there is plenty of confusion about what a project manager does, as well as about what project management is—and isn’t. In this article, we’re going to look…

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What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Progressive Web App

Understanding Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and How They Can Help Your Business Progressive web apps are getting a lot of buzz, but what does that mean for you? Are they the future of mobile interaction? Can they help your business? Our progressive web app client guide will help to answer these questions and more. What…

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