What we do

Once your business has been ingrained in our minds and a partnership relationship established, Bay Tech will provide you with a formal proposal.This proposal is commonly called 'Scope of Work'. The Scope of Work will outline in detail and define the work to be performed, what we plan on delivering with associated timelines, pricing and a number of other parameters such as:


Why is this being done and under whose authority.


Geographically where the work is to be performed and the individuals from both Bay Tech and the client who have been designated to work on this project.

Standards of Performance

This refers to any industry, government or environmental standards which must be met during the development and implementation of this project.


Specifies the designated time from initiation of the project to its completion and implementation. May include the maximum number of hours that can be billed by week, month or some other period by individual or corporate wide.

Schedule of Development

What individual stages of the project are to be completed and when. Each stage is usually accompanied by testing to determine if requirements are being met.

Unusual or Special Requirements

May include such things as licenses, inspections, travel, etc.

Implementation and Approval

Incorporation of completed project into workplace environment accompanied by 'acceptance testing' to insure agreed upon parameters are met.

Training and Education

Each individual at the client firm who has direct or indirect involvement with the project will be thoroughly indoctrinated.

Payment Schedule

Breakdown of payments. May include either upfront or scheduled payments...or some combination of both.


To cover optional and unforeseen cost such as optional maintenance services, acts of nature, etc.