"In an age where businesses rely heavily on key outsource services, we determined early on to outsource all of critical e-business initiatives! We engaged BayTech Consulting to develop a multilevel marketing lead generation system and online business center to manage hundreds of thousands of subscribers."

Previous to engaging BayTech, we had investigated other very large development companies who gave us astronomical cost estimates and a 2 year plus development cycles. Well, I can't express how satisfied we have been with BayTech Consulting, who literally built the entire system within 90 days. The system now effectively serves thousands of Herbalife distributors with what we believe is one of best systems in the market place today.

Doran Andry Herbalife International's Chairman's Club

"We needed a technology partner who could work with us intraday on a very intricate level. Our industry, the Mortgage industry, is very fluid, so we needed a flexible system which could assist in driving our business forward."

"BayTech Consulting Services far exceeded our expectations by delivering a CRM lead generation and support system that strategically pushed the prospect through our internal processes. With this mortgage-based CRM, we are able to easily do tens of millions of dollars in business monthly, and we are confident that this system can propel us in to the future."

"We are now expanding our services from mortgages to real estate and financial securitized transactions, and with the help of BayTech, we know that we will be strategically positioned to compete effectively in these markets. "

Rick Arvielo CEO New American Financial

"Bay Tech Consulting has and continues to have a huge impact on our business. We were having to gather diverse information from numerous resources. After spending the time to really understand our business and identify the problem, Bay Tech developed a solution which enables us to access all the informtion we need within one application. We can see all our data on an interactive map and generate summary reports instantaneously. We have been working with Bay Tech for over 6 years and continue to enjoy a great relationship."

John Kalamaras Managing Partner RealSource Partners

“…BayTech was especially helpful from the standpoint that they actually understood the business side of the issue. It was this key attribute that enabled them to meet the challenges we faced."

"The Customer Profile System enables us to immediately pull up all information on a customer. This system is implemented at every BAX location worldwide. Having each sales representative with ‘at a glance’ knowledge of each customer’s special relationship with BAX is essential. This permits us to give the customer the very best service possible!”

Gina Ortiz, Project Director BAX Global

The Lead Management Tool created for us by Bay Tech Consulting provides me with a simple\ and clear understanding of exactly where my prospective leads and loans in progress are at any given moment. I can easily address any issue with a borrower or prospect instantaneously without wasting precious time accessing numerous different files while they are waiting to be assisted.

Angelique Montoya Loan Officer CashCall