About Us?

  • You didn't invest the time to really get to know me.
  • You didn't invest the time to really get to know my business.
  • You didn't invest the time to really get to know our target audience.
  • You didn't invest the time to really understand what makes us unique.
  • You didn't invest the time to really examine our competition.

About us……but it really isn’t about us is it?” Now what was it you wanted to sell me?

Much too often, technology firms are so wrapped up in themselves, and their capabilities that they fail to take into consideration the first rule of business...know thy client! A rule that will forever remain number one.

Bay Tech is that atypical organization that combines business acumen with technology to bring you software development solutions within your firm's defined strategies and objectives. Now isn't that a refreshing thought!

Yes...we are a software development company. Yes...we are in the business of providing software solutions for your projects no matter where they currently stand. Yes...we have created many extremely successful program for our customers. And about 100 other 'Yes's'.

But the one thing that both Bryan Renolds and Jeff Skvorc, founders of Bay Tech, recognized from the very beginning is that it's all about your bottom line...your ROI. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Armed with a wealth of experience Bay Tech has helped advance the future of business through technology.

We are, however, experiencing one problem. We have no idea what to call ourselves. We have toyed around with the name CESD's for Chief Executive Software Developers; Executive Vice Developers; Business Development Developers; etc.

For additional information and to submit your recommendation as to what our name should be, please fill out the attached form and email us. If your name is selected, you will receive a plaque conspicuously displayed in our supply room.